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A much needed platform for the international film producers was formed with the membership of all the reputed international film production companies.

The purpose of forming this association is to come together as a united body that will be the professional voice of the international Film Producers’ collective in Sri Lanka, both for local and international negotiations.

A few key objectives were also identified as important guidelines that the association will be focusing its attention on. A few top line objectives are to help position Sri Lanka in the world map of movie production, as an exotic film location that can also provide line production facilities that meets international standards while building the industry as an undisputed forex earner for the country.

The association strongly believes that the enhancement of this industry will build the local allied support services to international standards.

The importance of one industry voice was recognized as the need of the hour for the industry, especially when the members need to work closely with the related government agencies to develop attractive marketing schemes that would compete with other markets that offer similar facilities to international film producers.

While Sri Lanka has been offering its services to international film producers for many years now, it is felt that service quality standards vary significantly. Therefore the association will focus on working on a standardized service offer amongst its membership.

With the international film producers expecting higher professionalism and quality in all the services provided locally, the association will take the leadership in training and developing young professionals that will enhance the growth of the industry